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Maximum service - minimum effort! An interactive information exchange between your devices and our service management system whenever high quality maintenance support is required. 

Your Konica Minolta system is able to communicate with us directly using your internet connection whenever a problem arises.In simple terms: before you even recognise a problem - we already know about it. Since the system sends us the details immediately, we are well-prepared to respond straight away, requiring no interaction from your side. Service at its best!

Any issues, including system errors, are automatically and accurately entered into our service management system, creating less workload for service controllers. Replacement notifications are directly transmitted to our technicians for immediate action. 


The ultimate support service for office equipment

Unlike other suppliers, vCare goes beyond a one-way system. Information can directly be obtained from your devices, enabling us to get meter readings on demand and check the latest status reports online. vCare actually encompasses six branded services, some of which are already available. 

vCare enables us not only to keep track of a specific device's performance, but also to monitor maintenance trends for a range of equipment including copiers, printers, scanners and other office automation solutions. Automatically fed back to manufacturers' R&D labs, this trend information helps evaluate overall equipment performance. Read more about vCare services or refer to the attached brochure.

Today's digital world requires high quality and high-tech maintenance support. Konica Minolta has embraced this challenge, integrating new technologies into the client service delivery process - the result is vCare. Contact us today for more information about vCare and how this service can help you.


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