Technical Services

To maintain customer satisfaction at its highest level and maximise local users’ employment of its devices, Konica Minolta South Africa’s Technical Services division prides itself on constantly striving to improve and enhance its service offering to its clients.

The division specialises in skills that encompass all functions of multifunctional devices (MFDs), and production printing devices.

Professionally trained technicians at your service

All client engineers/technicians participate in an e-learning programme which is managed by Konica Minolta Japan and recognised worldwide. Currently all of Konica Minolta South Africa’s engineers/technicians have passed the Associate and Professional level training, with the goal of attaining Expert and Master level in the future. The company already has a number of recipients of the Konica Minolta Colour Master Diploma within its ranks, of which there are only a handful worldwide.

The Technical Services division launched its Centre for Technical Excellence in April 2009, which serves as a training centre and houses the company’s specialised repair workshop. The centre boasts three modern well equipped training rooms as well as a demonstration area. Trainers at the Centre have been instructed and approved by Konica Minolta Japan for retraining.

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