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When you work with sensitive information, you need to know it is secure. Even when doing simple tasks such as printing, copying or scanning documents, you could be leaving data open to theft.
Especially in times of cyber threats, viruses or malware it is even more important to ensure a safe operating environment. If you need to guarantee the safety of your data, you need a service that is comprehensive, offering protection and advanced security for both your network and your multifunctional office device. At Konica Minolta, our bizhub multifunctional devices come with industry-leading security built-in. What’s more, with bizhub SECURE Ultimate, we can tailor security features to your office needs. The antivirus provides security beyond a basic level and notifies the user whenever the bizhub faces a potential risk. Whether you already have a Konica Minolta bizhub device or are considering purchasing one, we can activate bizhub SECURE Ultimate features at your premises or prior to delivery, so you can work safe in the knowledge that your data is in good hands.

The bizhub SECURE Ultimate service can be activated on any Konica Minolta bizhub multifunctional device, so no matter the size of your business you can operate safely and with the confidence that your data is secure. Once bizhub SECURE Ultimate safeguards are in place, you can be sure your data will enjoy uncompromising security protection. Your bizhub multifunctional device in your network will be protected to ensure your data is more than just secure – they’ll be bizhub SECURE!




Of all your business assets it is quite possible that your data is the most valuable – and most vulnerable. But securely safeguarding those assets could not be simpler: bizhub SECURE Ultimate protects your documents, data and corporate information.






Data Protection


With bizhub SECURE Ultimate, you receive a new, unique and secure password to protect your bizhub from attacks. Furthermore, your device can be protected via encryption, keeping the data passing through your bizhub safe. The encryption will also prevent data being read in the event of a security breach and protected by an extra password should anyone attempt to install the hard drive elsewhere.


Advanced network security

When you send information over your network, you need to know that it is only going to the destination you intend, and not being read by anyone else. By activating HTTPS network encryption with bizhub SECURE Ultimate, you can guarantee your data is beingcommunicated safely across your network.

Keep track

When you need to keep data secure, it is important to know that you can provide documentary evidence of what information is passing through your system. bizhub SECURE Ultimate enables audit logs for your bizhub device, collecting a chronological account of activities in an audit trail.


Access control

In some office environments, your multifunctional device may be used by many people with varying levels of security clearance. bizhub SECURE Ultimate allows you to activate user authentication and assign different levels of access to different users. You can also activate automatic log off for accounts, keeping your device safe from outside security risks.


To ensure that your bizhub works in a safe operating environment and only handles secure files, it is important to set up Bitdefender® Antivirus according to your needs. Realtime scanning of all incoming and outgoing data as well as periodic scanning providing peace of mind.





The following features are included in bizhub SECURE Ultimate
–    Change the Administrator password
–    Encrypt the entire contents of your bizhub
      hard drive
–    Create a secure alphanumeric password to
      lock down your bizhub hard drive
–    Time your bizhub multifunctional device to auto-delete any material located in electronic folders
–    Disable non-secure and unwanted services, protocols and ports at your bizhub
–    Enable SSL on the bizhub (self-signed certificate)
–    Enable Network User Authentication and User/Administrator Account Auto Log Off
–    Enable Audit Logs
–    Enable real time scanning
–    Set up a periodic scanning times


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