To offer secure mobile printing is of similar importance for public organisations, especially in the educational sector, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. As a platform-independent, cloud-based, mobile printing solution, EOP (EveryonePrint) answers users’ security requirements with its combination of competitive print security configurations, device access control, data leakage prevention, and document security. The application meets enterprise security levels with end-to-end encryption of print jobs (client to server – server to device). Flexible job submission as well as secure print job release is guaranteed with authentication by username/password or release code, avoiding prints left unattended in output trays.

Print security

  • Administrator-controlled user access
  • Secure print job release
  • Follow-me printing
  • Guest print scenario

Device access control

  • Authentication by ID card (optional)
  • Authentication via PIN
  • Authentication via username and password

Data leakage prevention

  • Private-cloud print environment

Document security

  • End-to-end file encryption

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