Fiery Central is a production workflow solution that brings it all together. With its powerful, scalable and world-class integration features, Fiery Central optimises your entire print production system to help you get the most from it. You can easily create print device groups, import native PDF documents, maximise print resources and manage workloads all for a central console. Fiery Central has three software packages: Flow, Balance and Suite. All three packages are available as software only or on an integrated computer. Balance performs job splitting and load-balancing to increase production, while Flow, creates customisable workflow automation for advanced pre-press capabilities. Suite combines the capabilities of both Balance and Flow.


  • Fiery Command WorkStation for advanced job management.
  • Fiery Central Driver for job submission.
  • Fiery Hot Folders.
  • Archiving.
  • Fiery Scan.
  • Fiery SeeQuence Impose (1 seat licence)*.
  • Fiery SeeQuence Compose (1 seat licence)*.
  • Support for two printer groups
  • Support for two copiers/printers with the ability to add additional ones

The Fiery colour Profiler Suite is an optional feature.
*To add additional seats, contact your sales representative.


  • Lessens the learning curve by using familiar Fiery Command WorkStation interface.
  • Eliminates bottlenecks and device contention by centrally managing¬†workloads.
  • Increases job volume and decreases turnaround times by combining multiple devices.
  • Reduces job handling by automatically routing jobs to available printers, making print operations more profitable.

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