Printing efficiency and flexibility are of equal importance for the corporate and the educational sector. At the same time, organisations from small companies to global enterprises as well as educational institutions usually operate on limited budgets and have to keep print costs in check. Adopting YSoft SafeQ as the print management solution of choice, these targets can be met and costs minimised yet the overall productivity increased. Offering efficient print queue management as well as the easy definition of print policies and rules, YSoft SafeQ effectively answers the corporate and educational sectors’ requirements with regard to reliable output management.

Print queue management

  • Central management of print queues and settings
  • Secure print release
  • Printing anywhere
  • Storage management
  • Print preview
  • Favourite jobs
  • Load balancing and failover
  • Multi-location printing

Print policies and rules

  • Colour print control
  • Application-based printing
  • Green print policies
  • Easy rule creation
  • Automatic user notification

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