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ECM Eases the Struggle with Managing Information

22. Jul 2018

If you break down the ways that every business operates, you will realise that it is all based on flows of information and content. We rely on data and information to make sales, pay bills, hire and onboard employees, manage their records and so much more. For as long as we can remember, businesses have operated on the same basic manual paper-laden processes which are now being challenged with new technology and regulations.

Konica Minolta Introduces Document Accounting Software for Professional and Secure Client Billing

22. Jul 2018

Konica Minolta has launched an enterprise platform which integrates directly into legal practice management systems, such as ProLaw, Tabs3, PC Law and Timeslips, Proman and more, offering an ideal option for billing back clients and matter accounts.

What is Capture Enabled Business Process Management?

09. Feb 2018

In today's business world, you have to deal with information overload everyday with data arriving in many different forms and from multiple sources. The best way to stay on top of all of your incoming, outgoing and stored information is by adopting some type of business process automation technology that will help you stay compliant and efficient.

Using the Serverless Pull Printing Function with LK-114

19. Jan 2018

The LK-114 provides enhanced printing convenience allowing the release of print jobs on any Konica Minolta MFP in the fleet. Documents and their information stay secure, as printing will only start after the user has authenticated directly at the chosen output device. At the same time, the LK-114 relieves IT administrators from various management and maintenance duties, with the MFP doubling as a print server.