Polokwane branch goes above and beyond to help community

| 24 April 2015

Konica Minolta South Africa's Polokwane branch recently donated 300 trees to a range of institutions and programmes in the city. These beneficiaries included Tambo Community Crèche, Sealeng Crèche, Mampedi Crèche, Tsheola Mabitsela Crèche, Ga-Mokaba Reading Room, The South African Red Cross Society, and the Polokwane Community Work Programme.

The team from the Polokwane branch recently joined the official tree planting event at Tambo Community Crèche. But instead of just donating the trees and helping to plant them, the branch took their involvement one step further:

"After planting a few trees it became apparent that watering these trees could become an issue, due to slow water delivery," said branch manager Morne Etchell. "For this reason we embarked on an initiative to collect as many two litre plastic bottles as possible from all staff, which we will deliver to the school for them to use for watering the trees"

The planting was done in conjunction with corporate social investment (CSI) partner, Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA).