Konica Minolta South Africa COVID-19 Lockdown Plan

| 27 March 2020

Dear Customer Konica Minolta South Africa supports the decisive approach taken by President Ramaphosa regarding the worldwide pandemic. The world has literally gone into quarantine due to the COVID-19 outbreak, an unprecedented crisis from a global health, social and economic perspective. In line with the 21 day lock down as at midnight tonight – we will only be providing remote support to approved essential services. Our top priority and hope right now, is for us to unite as a nation by maintaining our social distances and in doing so, keeping our loved ones safe and healthy and hopefully this slows down and “flattens the curve”. The alarming rate at which the virus is spreading, calls upon us to be patriotic, resilient whilst remaining calm and cautious. This is a call to action which will impact everyone, Together we can get through this….Stay Safe and Stay Strong!