Assisting financial institutions to protect confidential data

| 2 September 2021

Konica Minolta South Africa assists banks and financial institutions protect their confidential data

Cybersecurity and data protection measures have always been an important facet of business, particularly for banks and other institutions within the financial sector. With the POPI Act recently coming into effect, data security requirements have increased significantly, beyond merely protecting access to money.

It is therefore particularly important for banks, finance and insurance service providers to make targeted investments in the right security strategy. Data protection requires not only a high level of access security and sophisticated risk management, but also secure and reliable printing.
“Printing malfunctions have a negative impact on data security and compliance, they disrupt business-critical processes and result in high costs, whether for infrastructure maintenance or frequent helpdesk calls,” explains Mario De Carvalho, solutions specialist at Konica Minolta South Africa
When processing employee or customer data, a printout forgotten in the printer tray becomes an enabler of data theft. To prevent data-sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands, Konica Minolta offers user-authenticated pull printing. Only after employees have authenticated themselves at the printer can they get their printout. In addition, tools such as Print Management software protect confidential information with end-to-end TLS-encrypted transmission of print data.
Beyond increasing the risk of data theft, print and output management can also quickly drive-up operating costs, especially in internationally-oriented financial service companies or investment banks. This is where Print Management solutions along with other Konica Minolta innovations like continuous monitoring of print processes pays off. Cost-saving printing (e.g. duplex or mono printing) and enforcing print policies which can be pre-set, also further reduces printing costs.
“With today’s modern hybrid way of working which includes office-based staff members and employees who work from home, there is a great need for print service providers to invest in multifunctional devices which are capable of integrating various technologies such as Mobile Printing, Air Print, BYOD and various cloud platforms. In addition, these users require the functionality to be integrated in a user-friendly manner and often require a form of Print Management software. With Konica Minolta’s vast Print Management solutions, we are confident that one of our professional team members will be able to implement the best fit for purpose Print Management solution for your organisation,” concludes De Carvalho.