Konica Minolta MFPs exceed Cybersecurity Standards

| 2 August 2021

Konica Minolta MFPs exceed industry standards for cybersecurity compliance

Johannesburg, 2 August 2021 – Konica Minolta announced the results from penetration testing on its bizhub i-Series multifunctional printers, conducted to ensure the product line is compliant with the highest data privacy and endpoint security standards. The bizhub i-Series features multiple next-generation technologies, including solid-state storage, a new code base, firmware, and integrated cloud services. No vulnerabilities were found during recent tests performed on the devices by NTT DATA, an internationally respected IT services provider, and the Security division of NTT Ltd.

Printers safeguarded data against hackers in testing by NTT DATA and NTT Ltd

Keeping your data protected in the digital age
A weak IT security strategy is the surest way to succumb to one of the countless security risks threatening businesses today. Additionally, threats not related to hacking can be just as devastating. Floods, fires, natural disasters, hardware failure and human error all have the potential to disrupt your business processes, sometimes indefinitely.
Network-connected devices offer end users tremendous opportunities for collaboration and ease of use. Unfortunately, those same endpoint devices are attractive targets for hackers. By exploiting a security vulnerability in a connected device, a skilled hacker can expose an entire network to data theft, business disruption and financial turmoil.
Konica Minolta puts their products through rigorous internal cybersecurity tests to protect their systems and ensure they meet PCI, HIPAA, FERPA and GDPR compliance requirements. But to further assure customers that the printers exceed industry standards for cybersecurity compliance, Konica Minolta invested in an extra layer of threat protection — penetration tests provided by NTT DATA and the Security division of NTT Ltd.
Konica Minolta provided a line of its multifunctional printers and their source code to NTT DATA for penetration testing. After spending approximately 80 hours trying to hack into the devices, NTT DATA engineers did not find any major security vulnerabilities. These results fortify Konica Minolta’s reputation for offering secure products and helps drive the product line’s success.
“Often, many organisations do not suspect that MFPs can be just as much of a gateway for hackers as any other device on the network. NTT DATA’s penetration tests can provide an added sense of confidence,” says Mohammed Vachiat, GM Direct Sales at Konica Minolta South Africa.
Click here to read the full report or watch a short video about its efforts to protect its systems from vulnerabilities.