Konica Minolta South Africa POPIA

| 12 August 2021

Konica Minolta South Africa assists with your POPIA compliance requirements

Multifunctional devices (MFDs) are an essential information hub within organisations across every sector. These MFDs scan, copy and print documentation, which often raises a concern for many company and information workers that confidential and private data may be retrieved from the hard-drive of these devices.

  • Multifunctional devices have safeguards to help protect sensitive data. Konica Minolta sheds some light on these features to help businesses ensure POPIA compliance.

With the enforcement of the POPI Act commencing in July 2021, these concerns have become increasingly common as every business is required to comply with the standards as prescribed in the POPI Act. Konica Minolta South Africa has a comprehensive range of print and document security features, many of which are standard and available on our bizhub devices. Mohammed Vachiat, head of sales and innovation at Konica Minolta South Africa elaborates on these key features available on the Konica Minolta bizhub devices that will assist companies with POPIA compliance.   

POPIA applies to any person or organisation who stores any type of records relating to personal information, unless those records are subject to other legislation which protects such information more stringently. The POPI Act therefore sets the minimum standards for the protection of personal information.

The Act regulates the ‘processing’ of personal information, which includes collecting, receiving, recording, organising, retrieving, or using such information; or disseminating, distributing or making such personal information available. The Act will also relate to records which are already in the possession of the entity or person doing the processing.  

According to Vachiat the following standard functions can be enabled, ensuring all data acquired by the device is secure:

·        Changing the default administrator password on the device.

·        Enabling the HDD Lock password.

(This password is stored in the hard disk BIOS and prevents access to hard disk data)

·        Enabling the HDD encryption key. (Stored data is encrypted using the advanced encryption standard (AES) supporting 128-bit key size. Once the HDD is encrypted data cannot be retrieved, even if the HDD is removed from the MFP)

·        When scanning to a desired repository a user can enable encryption/password protected PDF file by selecting the encryption option when scanning. In addition to scanning, a user can add permission levels to the PDF file restricting printing and copying of content from the generated PDF file.


Beyond the standard security functionality, companies also have the option to opt for additional security features to further protect employee and consumer data.

The following additional features can be added to the device, for further security measures:
  • Konica Minolta’s virus scanning solution, Bitdefender is unique to the market, offering comprehensive protection for your Konica Minolta bizhub devices.
  • bizhub Secure provides an extra layer of comprehensive protection, ensuring that your data remains your property, without interrupting the flow of data in your office. 
  • Konica Minolta South Africa offer a diverse range of Print Management Solutions tailor-made to fit your business environment.
  • ECM Solutions are also tailor-made to suit your organisation’s requirements through business process innovation including automation, digitisation and workflow requirements.
“Ultimately, Konica Minolta South Africa recognises information and data as an organisation’s most valuable asset, and we would like to support you through our value-add services in securing your most valued asset” concludes Vachiat. 
For more information, please explore our product offerings at https://www.konicaminoltasa.com/en-za.