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Konica Minolta’s Enterprise Search solutions help businesses unlock the full value of their data assets

11. May 2022

Few business assets are more valuable, or highly prized, than data. And as the world becomes increasingly digitised, businesses have access to a limitless amount of data they can use to secure their sustainable success and establish their competitive advantage. However, harnessing the full power of data requires that you first know where to precisely find the information you need. And as the volume of data gathered by any business continues to grow exponentially, locating the insights you...

Newcastle turns over a new leaf

28. Apr 2022

12 April - Konica Minolta South Africa, in partnership with Food & Trees for Africa, is helping to boost the health and wellbeing of Newcastle’s community - and its environment - by planting trees.

A greener outlook for Welkom

07. Mar 2022

Welkom’s schools and community centres are looking decidedly more leafy, thanks to the addition of 1,020 new trees planted by Konica Minolta South Africa in partnership with Food & Trees for Africa.

New landscape for the imaging industry - trends in print for 2022

15. Feb 2022

Johannesburg, January 2022 – Over the past two years the environment around us has drastically changed. As we look into the future, we see a number of digital transformation trends that will influence the world of imaging and printing for many years to come. While there haven't been many significant disruptive changes in printing technology over the past 18 months - what has changed is the processing power and consequently the quality of printing, and connectivity.