bizhub Connector for OnBase

Now, with Konica Minolta's Connect to OnBase app, scanning, indexing, and storing critical information directly into OnBase is faster, more convenient, and easier than ever. Documents can be indexed directly from the control panel on the MFP and then uploaded into the correct OnBase repository, making documents available immediately throughout the enterprise. The Connect to OnBase app supports both Hyland's On-Premise and Cloud Platforms using OnBase version or higher.


• Supported Version: OnBase version and above.
• License: The “Integration for Konica Minolta MarketPlace MFP” license must be purchased from Hyland Software
and installed into the OnBase database.
• Scan Size: The maximum scan size supported is 100 MB.


You can configure the Connect to OnBase application using the Konica Minolta MarketPlace App Manager. You will be
asked to supply the MFP’s administrative password. Enter the MFP’s password in the available field; then tap on the Login
1. On the App Manager: Installed Applications screen, tap on the Settings button next to the Connect to OnBase
2. Once logged in, you will see a tabbed interface that allows you to modify several settings for the application.
NOTE: This application uses global Proxy settings as set in the Konica Minolta MarketPlace App Manager.