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Whether you're using a mobile device or workstation, dokoni FIND works across all your devices. The search tool lets you manage outgoing documents, saving you hours of valuable working time by offering instant access to all information. It helps you find any document, whenever and wherever you need it. It helps you do what might once have seemed impossible—saving you time, so you don't need to fill your office with folders and paperwork.

dokoni FIND: Konica Minolta's smart search solution – find and manage your information instantly! 

How does it work? This enterprise search solution is simple, yet extremely powerful, all you need do is enter a keyword in the search bar, and the search engine will locate and retrieve the data, in practically any format and using a vast range of connected data repositories. dokoni FIND does more than merely capture metadata and file names: it uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to look deep inside each file, accurately converting text and any other content – before indexing this content in document archives, ready to be searched at a later date. 

  • dokoni FIND as an enterprise search solution provides instant access to all relevant data from a single interface.
  • Integrated security mechanisms ensure only users with appropriate permission levels can search and access data.
  • Its optical character recognition (OCR) technology looks deep inside each file, accurately converting text and every kind of content.
  • Requires no data migration, moreover, it can find, retrieve and index hundreds of file formats in real time from your connected repositories, no matter where they are.

dokoni FIND has an easy-to-use interface, so users need only log in once to start their search. The system then lets you access and open documents directly from their original location – without having to search through endless numbers of pages first.

Since dokoni FIND requires no data migration, moreover, it can find, retrieve and index any file in real time from your existing and connected data repositories, no matter where they are; it can be integrated with Office 365, SharePoint 2013 search infrastructure, and cloud services, for example. 

Coupled with dokoni FIND Insight, the software will let you get full control of your data to create reports based on all the indexed data. This is especially useful when you need to find documents containing personal identifiable information (PII). Data Protection Officers can then collect the data and create reports showing any documents where PII has been exposed. 

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dokoni FIND

dokoni FIND

dokoni FIND Insight for GDPR – Get control of your data

The first step to compliance is getting control of data. With dokoni FIND, Konica Minolta’s Enterprise Search solution companies are able to search through all their data which can be stored in a variety of source systems. 

Based on that dokoni FIND easily find out where personal identifiable  information (PII) is stored. Moreover, the GDPR module dokoni FIND Insight enables Data Protection Officers creating specific reports to identify PII, to gather information into a readable format and to show all records where PII has been exposed.

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Get the product brochure now to have all information at hand.

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