File Sharing & Synchronisation with dokoni SYNC & SHARE

Why maximum mobility + faster flexibility = enhanced productivity

New technology is one of the main factors that can make or break your company’s future business success. As the world becomes increasingly, connected digital solutions for collaboration in teams without borders are key. Hence the integration of such technology is essential to unleash the full potential of your organisation.

dokoni SYNC & SHARE is a Konica Minolta standalone solution based on Linux offering mobile and cloud access to documents. Enterprise Filesharing and Synchronisation (also known as ‘EFSS’ and ‘enterprise file sync and share’) services let your staff share and synchronise files quickly and easily, with colleagues and clients alike. The solution includes services enabling organisations to distribute documents and manage content from mobile devices, whilst keeping previous document versions intact and keeping track of contributor information reliably.


The mobile and desktop clients available allow staff to collaborate around the clock, from any device and from any location. With the synchronisation functionality available for your clients, your service force is equipped with the latest versions of technical instructions, manuals and tools to ensure reliable service operations at customer sites. It enables your sales force to gain access to the latest price books, marketing materials and product specifications, ensuring all offers are made with up-to-date information.


dokoni SYNC & SHARE will not only boost your flexibility and efficiency, it will even result in higher customer satisfaction, as your teams provide their services more reliably.


Marketing teams in particular work with different stakeholders internally and externally to create the best possible sales supporting materials. The solution therefore provides you with a secure space to share content with internal as well as external collaborators, while ensuring access independent of device, time and location. The service can be connected to multiple data repositories like network shares and can upgrade them to a cloud repository. dokoni SYNC & SHARE enables cloud and mobile access to formerly local repositories and even lets you share those documents with external collaborators avoiding detours via e-mail clients.


File sharing will help any business and its teams to enhance its efficiency, respond to changes faster and improve the overall speed and effectiveness of its business processes and decision-making. The solution can be fully integrated into all other Konica Minolta software environments and is deployed in a customer’s internal infrastructure as part of their private cloud or is available as cloud service within the bizhub evolution cloud platform.



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File Sharing & Synchronisation with dokoni SYNC & SHARE

File Sharing & Synchronisation with dokoni SYNC & SHARE

Document Distribution

  • File sharing to internal and external collaborators 
  • Accessibility from all devices
  • Integration to multiple data repositories
  • Federated connectivity to multiple installations at different locations 
  • File drop functionality

Content Management

  • Synchronisation keeps all data synchronized to all users and all devices
  • File favourites enables quick access to most used files
  • Comment files to discuss file based content
  • Tagging of documents for faster search 
  • Workflow possibility
  • User management 

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