PReS Connect

Automated business communication with multi-channel distribution capabilities

Nowadays, information is readily available in real-time and accessible on any device. Most of us expect instant access to whatever information we require, without concern as to how this might be achieved. Nevertheless, many businesses still use systems and processes from a time when instant communication via smartphone and tablet, e-mail and the Internet was not as prevalent as it is today.

But, to be successful and remain competitive, companies must adapt now – because web technology is meanwhile indispensable to reach customers and employees exactly where they are, in the digital world. Enterprises that don’t, risk losing the interest and attention of their customers – and ultimately, they risk losing their business altogether. This is where PReS Connect comes in: With optimised output that includes AFP, the application facilitates producing high volumes of print, e-mails and web pages at high speed.

PReS Connect workflow

PReS Connect

PReS Connect

One-to-one marketing

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Varied support of data and document input
  • Import from any Windows application
  • Intelligent interpretation of content


  • Enriching documents with promotional content
  • Automated distribution

Integration into printing workflows 

  • Full control of printing and paper handling features

Multi channel communication

  • Collaborative tool
  • Unified data model
  • Minimal learning curve
  • True multi-channel solution
  • Cater to customers’ preferences
  • Cutting edge communication technology

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