YSoft SafeQ

Complete print management in a single solution

Educational institutions as well as organisations from small companies to global enterprises generally operate on limited budgets and have to keep print costs in check. At the same time, printing efficiency and flexibility are similarly important in the corporate and the educational sector. The YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite addresses all of these targets: With its innovative low-cost architecture, modular software approach, and add-on options, YSoft SafeQ provides a full range of print management features that help minimise the cost of printing while increasing document security and improving workflow productivity.

Offering efficient print queue management as well as the convenient definition of print policies and rules, YSoft SafeQ effectively answers the corporate and educational sectors’ requirements with regard to reliable output management.

YSoft SafeQ workflow

YSoft SafeQ

YSoft SafeQ

Print queue management

  • Multi-location printing
  • Client-based print roaming
  • Central management of print queues and settings
  • Mobile printing
  • Secure print release
  • Storage management
  • Print preview
  • Favourite jobs
  • Load balancing and failover

Print policies and rules

  • Colour print control
  • Application-based printing
  • Green print policies
  • Easy rule creation
  • Automatic user notification

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