PReS Connect

Business communication toolbox for automation and multi-channel distribution

Processed manually, routine jobs are time consuming, can easily involve errors that cause misprints, and involve a lengthy process of distribution. What’s more, these days the communication with customers should be based on their preferences, should focus on the relevant information and include automatically generated target messages – with a high degree of automation reducing manual labour and eliminating human errors. This is where PReS Connect comes in: With optimised output that includes IPDS, the application facilitates producing high volumes of print, e-mails and web pages at high speed.

PReS Connect workflow

PReS Connect

PReS Connect


  • Drag & drop
  • Individual data configurations
  • Efficient data mapping

Automatic setup and inline finishing

  • Full control of printing and paper handling features
  • Automated distribution
  • Highly scalable performance
  • Unified data model
  • Collaborative tool
  • Improved user experience

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