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What do Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, cloud storage and retrieval of data, enhanced mobility and rock-solid cyber security measures all in common? It’s about a disruptive change to the nature of the workplace in the coming years. Are you ready to go this way together with a strong and reliable global partner?

Konica Minolta will be your partner of choice. Our Engagement Teams will work together with you to develop the Workplace of the Future™, designed to meet your specific needs to face this new world. Our expertise and solutions will give you and your staff maximum control and instant global access to the needed data, boosting both your productivity levels and profits. At Konica Minolta, we believe in fostering meaningful innovation, developing new technologies and growing creative ideas that deliver a significant change across the globe. 

These services are delivered through Konica Minolta’s Managed Print Services (MPS) program, offering innovative new assessment features, consolidating your print devices and significantly lowering your operating costs. Backed by our Global Support Centre providing a single point of contact for all your global business services and enabling you to deliver consistent results, we provide an essential key to success. 

Transforming Global Business

Being innovative doesn't necessarily always mean: technology; it is understanding what is important and growing creative ideas that deliver significant change for millions of people. Our Global Business Services are about the customer and to improve their business. We want to provide better decisions by making use of IoT to connect data in a smart way. Data which is available anywhere, anytime to have access to all information when you need them.

Talking about global business, means talking about global leadership. Konica Minolta’s Global Business Services Team is uniquely positioned with offices throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. 

We are represented in over 150 countries, with approximately 41,500 employees worldwide. A unified information platform and organizational structure across all our subsidiaries guarantee you identical, high-quality programs and operational services in many countries and regions. 

Konica Minolta is committed to provide a dedicated Konica Minolta Global Account Engagement Team assisting you in defining and developing a shared global vision of Managed Print Services (MPS) while encouraging innovation and delivering program results through execution on a local level. Giving shape to how you see your business evolving, understanding your business needs from your perspective, solving the challenges faced by your global customers, and contributing to a better future for all involved.

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