Healthcare surveillance systems

A significant challenge for security managers

Improve your patient-centric approach, hospital efficiency – and more

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics can present security managers with real challenges. Many public health activities need to take place within moments to have a chance of being successful.

At modern healthcare facilities, many activities, often including lifesaving treatments, need to take place immediately if they are to have the desired effect. To enable this, patients, staff and property in the healthcare sector need to be protected by surveillance monitoring throughout, as searches are carried out for infections and relevant data, prevention, care and disease control and more in what can often turn out to be lifesaving treatments. 

MOBOTIX healthcare surveillance solutions offer sharp, clear images for better evidence, allow continuous interaction between patients and care providers, help reduce service cost, and will enhance your process efficiency when integrated with existing electrical systems in the healthcare industry

Everything from a single source

Everything from a single source

The surveillance solutions every hospital needs

MOBOTIX offers healthcare surveillance software designed to provide you with intuitive and flexible solutions in the fields such as video management, video analysis and device control. 

These solutions include: 

  • The MOBOTIX Video Management System (VMS), which requires no management server and features all intelligence built-in;
  • Embedded Video Analytics (object counting/heatmap/behavioural detection), with live analysis locally in the camera, ensuring your network is not overloaded;
  • Video Motion Detection (Activity Sensor), with a system designed to compensate for weather conditions year-round, detect movement even in total darkness and automatically configure the data
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More than just a standard solution

MOBOTIX cameras can be used in a wide range of different areas, and are known throughout the industry for their outstanding reliability. The cameras provide the ultimate in energy efficiency and highest levels of accuracy – a single camera can discreetly monitor an entire area, with no blind spots.

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Everything from a single source

Intuitive and flexible MOBOTIX software solutions are designed to help you manage and analyse video footage, and control the device used to produce that footage. The MOBOTIX Video Management System (VMS) gives you all the functionality you could possibly need, without the need for a management server or embedded video analytics.

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The perfect all-round package

MOBOTIX accompanies you through every step of the process, providing you with the perfect all-embracing security solution concept. Starting with a detailed consultation, including a site survey and analysis, MOBOTIX defines a solution perfectly tailored to the needs of your company, and designed to optimise and enhance all your video infrastructure.Proper project management includes professional installation, followed by remote monitoring services to control your IT infrastructure and network status, and maintenance to ensure your video security system continues to operate smoothly at all times.

MOBOTIX offers open application interfaces, decentralised technology and intelligent, end-to-end surveillance solutions. These include indoor and outdoor cameras, ceiling or wall mountings, fire protection, thermal cameras, behavioural analytics, and cameras specifically designed for use at night or during the day. 

When it comes to access control, you can control who gets in and out by installing cameras near the facility entrance. Features like the restricted area alerting option proved extremely useful. Intelligent measures provide an effective deterrence including two-way audio, control of lighting, alarming and notifications. Applications equipped with sensory inputs allow instantaneous remote scene awareness ideal for property protection and behavioural analysis such as people counting and movement tracking. Additionally, MOBOTIX thermography is able to detect fires or overheated devices early on, triggering an automatic alarm.



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Integrated intelligence optimised for remote applications and cloud-based technology

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Data captured and displayed in real time

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Decentralised concept and completely self-managing cameras

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Highest-quality CMOS sensors for excellent image quality

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Integrated professional VMS and video analysis software

Manage all your campaigns in one portal

Light, sound and motion detection

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Uses artificial intelligence to initiate quick responses and minimise false alarms

Intelligent Healthcare Solutions

Highest Quality, Brilliant Image Technology and Intelligent Event Management makes MOBOTIX the First Choice in Healthcare and Social Services.

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