bizhub Evolution - A flexible platform for smart business processes

Smart and efficient business processes

Smart and efficient business processes

bizhub Evolution lets you work smarter, not harder. It offers a simple means of improving and modernising your workflow, and lets you connect your device to cloud services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive with minimum effort, within seconds. 

The cloud platform can be accessed via PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any bizhub device connected to bizhub Evolution. It lets you place your files in cloud storage, upload and download files, and convert them into Word, Excel or PDF format. You can copy, fax, print and scan documents effortlessly, then make them more accessible quickly and easily by translating foreign-language text into your mother tongue or converting it to speech. With smaller marketing teams, you can even launch your own marketing automation process with a dedicated service. 

Best of all, however, you don’t have to decide right away or commit to uncomfortably long licensing agreements. With the bizhub Evolution platform, you can instantly use free trials, ensuring the software you eventually go for is exactly what your business needs to grow – no more, no less. You’ll only pay for the features you want, and won’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure. Visit the bizhub Evolution platform today to discover the wide variety of ways Konica Minolta could be revolutionising your daily work routine.

bizhub Evolution

bizhub Evolution

Simplify your everyday document management

Dealing with paperwork is one of the least popular (yet unavoidable) aspects of office work. Scanning endless sheets of documentation, retyping printed files, manual translation and document file conversion are not just dull, repetitive activities, moreover – they’re also some of the most time-consuming office tasks we have. Fortunately, the solution provided by Konica Minolta is both smart and easy! 

Konica Minolta smart services will make your working life easier than you could have possibly imagined, and let you manage your documents more effectively than ever before, in a way that no longer distracts you and your staff from the bigger picture. bizhub Evolution is the change that you need to completely redesign the way you handle everyday tasks. You won’t need to deploy a vast array of sophisticated (but potentially unnecessary) solutions; with the bizhub Evolution platform, you only pay for functionalities you need, from mobile device management to document conversion, fax over IP and more.

bizhub Evolution does a vast amount more than “just” increase the productivity of your team. By choosing a smart business solution, employees won’t just shorten the amount of time they spend on boring, simple and repetitive tasks that often distract them from their valuable business goals; they can eliminate such issues entirely. Thanks to this platform, document management is becoming far more automated, allowing your staff to focus on those (far more important) business goals that will genuinely benefit your company. 

bizhub evolution

bizhub Evolution is the new on-demand platform for smarter business processes by Konica Minolta.