Konica Minolta Color Care Production Server

Colour consistency and flexibility across the print room

With its promise of absolute colour consistency across all output devices in the print room, the Color Care Production Server is the optimal choice for print providers with multiple printers. This intelligent print and colour server reliably matches colour output across several devices, independent of printer type and manufacturer. Print data are optimized for each printer and paper type, ensuring closest colour reproduction to the original and the particular print standard. And thanks to full control of finishing options on Konica Minolta printers, finishing can easily be automated, achieving a smooth and easy production workflow.

The Color Care Production Server provides an attractively enhanced overall performance right across the print room, helping to increase and diversify the business.

Color Care Production Server workflow

Konica Minolta Color Care Production Server

Konica Minolta Color Care Production Server

Complete your team: Scanning High-End Spectrophotomer FD-5BT

  • M1-Mode – ready for modern standards
  • Excellent inter-instrument agreement
  • Display for standalone use
  • Fully-fledged Spectrodensitometer

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