Bidvest Business Technologies targets improved content management through precision printing

| 9 February 2016

Konica Minolta South Africa, a division of Bidvest Office, has announced the establishment of Bidvest Business Technologies, its new managed print services (MPS), managed content services (MCS) and rental asset management focused arm.

Bidvest Business Technologies' main drive is to allow clients to meet their business requirements by managing content throughout its lifecycle, from capturing, through processing, accessing, integration and measuring, to storage.

"The pressure is on for organisations to remain successful in today's business landscape," says Andrew Griffith, general manager at Bidvest Business Technologies. "Companies now have to continually drive transformation and operational excellence to remain competitive and to ensure that customer experience is optimal at all times. At the same time, they are more globalised, more regulated and under greater pressure to contain costs than in the past."

To put things into perspective, Griffith states, one only need look at the impressive data growth rates of today. "The current market reality is that 80% of content is unstructured. And with content doubling every 90 days, fuelled by disruptive technologies like cloud and mobility, the digitisation of the supply chain and an evolving workforce, it is clear that this figure will continue to grow exponentially. It is clear that businesses need to gain strict control over these mountains of information, or be crushed under their weight.

"At the same time, when it comes to mobile and cloud-based infrastructures, it has been proven that the existence of paper within a business process lessens control, impacts productivity, compromises privacy, compliance and security initiatives within organisations."

By introducing the capturing and distribution of paper-based documents early in the process, the lifecycle of paper within an organisation is drastically shortened, he explains. "Many organisations do not understand that their multifunctional printer (MFP) can be a lifeline to help navigate their way through all of this content. By using a precision printing solution, not only can they structure optimal technical support for the entire printing fleet, but it can also become the focal point for integrated business process automation (which includes data classification and MCS).

"In addition, this approach enables businesses to establish a basis for the continuous optimisation of cost, efficiencies, security and environmental impact, unlocking significant value for the organisation as a whole. It also helps meet the growing need to ensure that company initiatives surrounding document security and industry regulatory or legal compliance requirements are met across the board, by addressing the role that MFPs and printers play within this context."

Bidvest Business Solutions' approach encompasses all aspects of document production – from output and input, to storage and electronic archiving – and includes a detailed analysis of the current environment, individualised workflow solutions and document imaging infrastructure, as well as ongoing training and support under one contract.

"As a single management source for all printing models, makes, services and support, Bidvest Business Technologies can provide its clients with full transparency of their fleet and service performance, streamlined processes based on intelligent applications and the continuous adaptation of assets, services and TCO to changing business needs."