First Golden Toner Scam

| 1 August 2019

Konica Minolta customerS

It has come to our attention that a company called First Golden has been contacting Konica Minolta South Africa customers and informing them, that due to a Konica Minolta toner shortage, they should order toner directly from their company.

We would like to advise that this is definitely not the case, Konica Minolta is well stocked on toner and there is no shortage whatsoever – this is a scam - the toner on offer is not  genuine Konica Minolta toner and their prices are extremely inflated.

Should they contact you, they may claim to know people that you currently are dealing with, which makes their claim authentic.  They may even mention the name of our CEO and then ask you to claim the amount for the toner back from Konica Minolta South Africa directly.  The correspondence will come from First Golden, Registration No.  ……….. Vat No. ………………….

P O Box 16062, Leondale, 1421 or 3 Wildplum Street, Leondale, Germiston.

Telephone/Fax : 011 8652209 – email :


If you have a service contract with Konica Minolta South Africa, you should not pay for toner.


Should you have any concerns whatsoever please feel free to contact Konica Minolta South Africa to verify.