Dispatcher Paragon

Effective cost control with optimised printing

These days, any organisation – whether smaller company, corporate environment, public organisation, or educational facility – will strive to maximise their transparency and keep costs in check. One precondition for this is a precise overview of all printing operations to enable, wherever possible, the charging back of related costs to teams, departments, and individual users. With Dispatcher Paragon, Konica Minolta offers the perfect application for this purpose.

Dispatcher Paragon Workflow

Dispatcher Paragon workflow

Budget and quota management

Budget and quota management
  • Easy budget assignment: The administrator can assign individual budgets to different users – which facilitates limiting the printing activities of specific users in order to keep print, copy, scan and fax costs under control.
  • Periodic budget reset: The budgets assigned to individual users and user groups are best managed via automatic reset or top-up at specified intervals; this relieves the administrator of such a mundane task. It is still possible to resetting and change budgets or quotas manually, which allows for exceptional print jobs in-between.
  • Payment system: Dispatcher Paragon offers various convenient options to reload their user accounts:
    • Cash desk reload: A cash desk operator collects money from the user, which he then credits to the user account via the Dispatcher Paragon Cash Desk Management application.
    • Self-service reload: Via a payment machine users are able to pay money (coins and bills) into their account directly.
    • Credit card reload: Via PayPal or DIBS

Central user and role management

Central user and role management
  • Centralised user management: Individual user access rights to MFPs for copy, print, scan and fax functionalities can be easily and conveniently managed centrally.
  • User access roles: The administrator can grant users different levels of device access and device functionalities; the levels are easily managed by creating corresponding user roles.
  • Centralised authentication management: User log-in types to the device include card authentication, user credentials and PIN authentication, with the administrator determining which type of user authentication should be active.

Cost assignment and chargeback

Cost assignment and chargeback
  • Print accounting and monitoring: For the easy compilation of comprehensive print histories, all print activities in the network can be tracked in real time. The Dispatcher Paragon embedded terminal provides detailed copy, scan and fax accounting (also possible via external terminals).
  • Flexible cost allocation: The administrator can assign users to specific cost centres; alternatively, each user can individually select the appropriate cost centre or project before printing.
  • Individual price calculation: Different devices, cost centres and users can be assigned individual price lists. Thus, even in a heterogeneous print infrastructure an accurate calculation of print costs is possible.
  • Tracking of third-party devices: Print job tracking can cover the entire corporate printing infrastructure; i.e. it is also possible for non-Konica Minolta devices.

Detailed output and cost reporting

Detailed output and cost reporting
  • Web reports: Easy creation of detailed overviews and flexible reports that can cover all activities of single users or user groups; this facilitates the monitoring of costs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis or over longer periods.
  • Management reports: Automatic as well as on-demand compilation of such reports to provide the company’s management with comprehensive overviews detailing the entire print environment in a clearly structured and easy-to-grasp layout.
  • Export of report results: Export of reports into various formats to facilitate and speed up the sharing of results.
  • Automated reporting: Scheduling function that generates reports automatically at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly or annually) for an even more comprehensive overview.

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