AccurioPro Flux Essential provides all required information for professional job management at a glance. All print jobs are listed in the inbox. Print providers can choose from a wide range of intelligent print functions to administrate all incoming jobs. Offering unified print room management, AccurioPro Flux Essential's digital front end integrates all output devices and includes a cost-effective and time-saving cluster printing functionality.

Product-based job processing

  • Automates the application of print settings

Print queue management

  • Job import
  • Hot Folders
  • Custom job filters
  • Cluster printing

How does AccurioPro Flux help you?

Additional options for AccurioPro Flux Essential

  • Flux Raster Editor
    This advanced editor allows editing documents on image/raster basis. It enables typical image editing operations (e.g. despeckle, deskew, brush, erase, line, fill) for single and multiple pages.

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