Intelligent Quality Care with IQ-501

Automated colour management and quaility adjustments at your fingertips

Automating quality management is – the best way to save time in printing.Imagine smart, powerful and automated adjustments for image position, registration and one hundred percent accurate colour control. With hybrid colour measurement and real time correction for printed output. With Intelligent Quality Care, you can diversify and create new print products in next to no time.Seems too good to be true? Konica Minolta IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Care offers all of this and even more!

  • Save your business up to 300 working hours per year with smart machine automation
  • Gain creativity, reduce print wastage and increase productivity
  • Enhance customer satisfaction while protecting your margins


Front-to-back registration adjustment

Dramatically reduce the time taken to provide accurate front-to-back registration adjustment with the IQ-501 auto adjustment feature.

Auto Inspectation technology (AIT)

The option AIT is designed as fully automated, closed loop inspection technology which makes sure only sheets meeting the requirement are delivered

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Zoom in on quality

Zoom in on quality

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Quality Care system is the innovation per se for print providers intent upon outdoing their competitors. Performing with the assistance of smart machine automation, the IQ-501 is all about saving time while creating extra value for your printing business and your customers.

The innovative IQ-501 for Intelligent Quality Care takes consistency and registration accuracy to a new level. The IQ-501 provides extensive automation for image position and registration on the one and colour control on the other hand. This is made possible with our proprietary closed-loop control system that checks and corrects printed output. Automation provided by the IQ-501 also extends to colour calibration and profiling – all designed to reduce operator time and print wastage while increasing productivity.

Peter Forsström, CEO, Bantorget Grafiska
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Team expertise secures high return on investment for Bantorget Grafiska

Peter Forsström

CEO, Bantorget Grafiska

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