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Konica Minolta MarketPlace

MarketPlace lets you enhance your IoT devices such as bizhubs and WorkPlace Hubs with highly useful functionality and solutions designed to transform the way you handle document management. In this way, it can fix both common office issues and less frequent ones.

Are you bothered by an inconvenient file transfer? If so, then think about connecting your multifunctional printer to a popular cloud solution such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint. This will mean you no longer need to make detours to your desktop to allocate files to your cloud storage. 

You can even enhance the device to represent the security status. If the device does not meet the security standards, it could potentially be a threat. Users are directly able to obtain the status in order to operate on a secure device and in order to take the appropriate counter measures, administrators are informed of the status change.

You don’t need additional expensive infrastructure, long-term licensing contracts or time-consuming staff training. Konica Minolta Marketplace offers solutions that are flexible, cost-effective and easy to use. These solutions will streamline your everyday tasks, save your employees time, and let you enjoy the benefits of this cutting-edge technology to the full.

Konica Minolta MarketPlace

Konica Minolta MarketPlace

Is your company simply wasting its potential?

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of an international company, you’ll almost certainly be aware that some tasks, while unpleasant and often monotonous, are unavoidable if everyday office work is to function effectively. Having to perform these tedious tasks creates distractions large and small and decreases levels of motivation amongst your workforce. All of which influences your company and its workflow. It all adds up to a waste of time for your staff – and a waste of money for you.

Now, however, dedicated smart solutions have come to the rescue. Konica Minolta Marketplace will completely transform the way your team carries out those minor office tasks. In the same way as smartphones can be transformed into specialised devices by doing little more than install a handful of mobile apps, a multifunctional printer has the potential functionality to metamorphosis into something in a completely different league. Your multifunctional printer can go far beyond printing and copying alone; it can also provide your staff with hugely valuable support and automate a wide range of those minor office tasks. With Konica Minolta Marketplace, employees can finally exploit their potential to the full and focus on the bigger picture.

Konica Minolta MarketPlace - Accelerate your business

You want smart and helpful additional MFP functionalities to simplify your office life? But you don’t want to invest massive amounts of time and money in new highly sophisticated software solutions, which cause extensive maintenance and updates? In other words: You just want to pay for functionalities you really need. Konica Minolta MarketPlace is made to enhance your MFP with additional functionalities – smartly and instantly.