Konica Minolta’s bizhub C227 and C287 enhance company flexibility with mobile printing functionality

| 26 May 2016

JOHANNESBURG– May 26, 2016 – In support of the modern workplace, where office work is becoming increasingly independent of both time restrictions and location, Konica Minolta South Africa, a division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd, has introduced its new multifunctional A3 colour systems, the bizhub C227 and bizhub C287, specifically designed to meet the business requirements and work process needs of futuristic organisations with a focus on mobility and usability.

In today’s world, workspaces need to provide multiple channels and options to transfer print jobs to in-house digital printing devices. Employees require more flexibility to allow mobile printing anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device. Konica Minolta’s multifunctional colour systems series meets those demands by providing functions such as integrated WiFi access, intuitive and individualised dashboards and the latest interface technologies. The new bizhub C227 and bizhub C287 office systems are fitted out with a 7-inch touch screen panel with an embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) for Android devices and Bluetooth Low Energy for iOS devices. These functionalities allow the user to automatically connect the offices systems to their tablet or smartphone and provide the convenience of touch-to-print as well as touch-to-scan functionality.


“The new multifunctional colour system series offers smart new features, simplifying the everyday working life of employees and companies,” comments Greg Griffith, product manager: business solutions at Konica Minolta South Africa. “This extension of Konica Minolta’s bizhub line creates an even more tailored response to our customers’ needs.”


Beyond the mobility aspects, the bizhub C227 and bizhub C287 are operational multi-talents and are more than just standard multifunctional equipment. Both printer systems impress with high productivity, high capacity and versatile finishing capabilities. With a maximum paper size of A3 format and a printing speed of 22 ppm for the bizhub C227 (colour and black & white) and 28 ppm for the C287, both printing devices handle all routine print jobs in today’s business world. To support individual needs, the printing systems also offer an integrated IWS and web browser that enables the customisation of the multifunctional printer panel.


Sustainable printing and cost efficiency


The A3 multifunctional printers offer a new level of eco-friendliness. Thanks to the compact, redesigned engine that leads to a 15% weight reduction, the minimum power consumption and various hardware improvements provide a reduced carbon footprint by the devices. Besides protecting the environment, clients also reduce energy costs and print more cost-efficiently.


Amy Garlick, a carbon and climate change advisor, at Promethium Carbon, provided interesting statistics in her presentation. Having worked with Konica Minolta South Africa since 2009, she confirmed the remarkable progress the company has made in this space, resulting in it being awarded carbon neutral status by the Carbon Protocol of South Africa for the third consecutive year. Garlick added, “Konica Minolta South Africa has earned this status through calculating its carbon footprint, the implementation of company-wide energy efficiency initiatives and the subsequent offsetting of the remaining emissions.”


Petronel Nieuwoudt, founder of Care for Wild Africa – one of the largest rhino orphanages in the world, based in Mpumalanga, where Konica Minolta South Africa has adopted seven baby orphan rhinos affectionately known as ‘The Magnificent Seven’ - described with enthusiasm how every day is a learning curve for her and the team that cares for these increasingly rare animals. She said, “ We try to save them all and are very proud of our treatment and care centre where these animals are tended until they can be rehabilitated back into the wild. It is also important that each individual plays their part in conserving these animals by participating and acquiring as much knowledge as possible about them.”


Accolade Ubisi, who refers to herself as a new African storyteller at Good Work Foundation confidently narrated the progress of her organisation: “Since 2006, we have launched four digital learning campuses in remote villages of South Africa to uplift rural communities through access to world class education. She further added: “As part of our ‘wonder-filled’ approach to learning, we have been able to take 636 children from rural villages to the Kruger National Park for the first time through our partnership with Konica Minolta South Africa and the bizhub Conservation Academy. We hope that they will be future conservationists that understand big data and will use it for the benefit of wildlife conservation.”


“The event was inspiring and ultimately, it brought together people with a common goal, a thirst to add real value to society and change things for the improvement of South African communities,” explained Hulme. “This proves that ordinary individuals have the ability to shape the future of the country and society altogether.”