Satara Enjoying Her Mud Bath

| 6 May 2018

Satara, the oldest of the girls from the ‘magnificent seven’.

As you can see, she is covered in lovely red mud that she and the other rhinos enjoy wallowing in, near the river.

With the temperatures during the day reaching 35 deg. celcius and sometimes even higher, it is important for the rhino to find ways to keep themselves cool, they do this by taking mud baths and looking for cool and shady spots under the trees – they also need to rest during the hottest part of the day .

Luckily for them, they have access to a very large area where there are plenty of trees and a long stretch of river to choose from.

It is amazing to see how comfortable these released rhinos are as they explore more and more of the ‘intensive protection zone’ available to them.

You will notice that Satara still has her GPS collars around her ankles, this is for security and research purposes.