Safety is a critical Factor

A new security level for your multifunctional devices.

Security is still a hot topic!

  • GDPR guidelines for the protection of personal data and malware / cyber attacks, such as the infamous WannaCry infection
    wave or the DarkHotel as a spy in the hotel room, make users very insecure.

Alarming statistics about the threats in the office environment

  • Average all 39 seconds a hacker attack takes place
  • 230,000 new malware is produced every day, and the number is expected to grow further
  • For example, a German telecommunications company registered up to 46 million cyberattacks per day

Three quarters of companies have clearly felt the consequences of such hacker attacks:

  • Critical business data and applications have been lost
  • The computer centre could not be accessed for several days 

It is no longer a question of whether a company is targeted by an attack, it is much more about when and how you‘re prepared


Sources: The Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape, 2019 Report & Disaster Preparedness Council, FEMA &, Deutsche Telekom AG 2019



A significant security risk, which is often completely underestimated, is document and information processing via the MFP.
Most multifunctional device vendors offer a variety of security features for their devices. Most competitors in the market use
whitelisting as the highest security level for MFPs. The whitelist functionality often suggests a partnership with an anti-virus
provider. Which is often technically not the case. BUT: Only Konica Minolta‘s virus scanning solution in cooperation with
Bitdefender offers comprehensive protection for your MFP, making it unique in the market.


With Bitdefender, more than 1/3 of companies worldwide trust in the market leader. Be on the safe side, too.

What makes Bitdefender`s virus scan unique for bizhub devices?

  • All-round carefree subscription: once paid, always usable and secure (for the entire MFP service life)
  • Bodyscan for the MFP: Full fluoroscopy of documents and files (and not just superficially)
  • Scan in real time and on request (as you wish)
  • Automatic updates of the virus scan table allows protection against the latest threats
  • Display of virus scans, so you can see everything at a glance

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