Remote Deployment Distributor

Fast and efficient: Collective adjustment of device settings

Faced with constant technical change and evolvement, enterprises must streamline their processes to enhance productivity and enable their staff to deal with routine tasks in a minimum of time. Administrators in particular have to regularly change and adjust numerous settings in order to meet newly emerging needs. Done manually, this is very time consuming and prone to human error and omissions.

Konica Minolta developed the Remote Deployment Distributor to enable the fast, remote deployment of new settings to virtually any number of devices. The tool facilitates configuring settings for multiple devices: The required settings can first be prepared in the application and then collectively deployed to all chosen devices – freeing IT administrators from tedious repetitive tasks.

Remote Deployment Distributor workflow

Remote Deployment Distributor

Remote Deployment Distributor


  • Central tool for device settings
  • Transferring settings among devices
  • Deployment of edited information
  • Remote processing
  • Multiple devices
  • On-site installation

Device settings

  • Generic device settings
  • Administrator settings
  • SSL settings
  • Administrator password

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