Using the Serverless Pull Printing Function with LK-114

| 19 January 2018

The LK-114 provides enhanced printing convenience allowing the release of print jobs on any Konica Minolta MFP in the fleet. Documents and their information stay secure, as printing will only start after the user has authenticated directly at the chosen output device. At the same time, the LK-114 relieves IT administrators from various management and maintenance duties, with the MFP doubling as a print server.

What is LK-114?

LK-114 ‘Serverless Pull Printing’ is a Follow Me printing solution using one of the MFPs as a storage device, instead of a print server, to store and spool print jobs. Print jobs can be received/printed at any device belonging to the Pull Printing group, as in a regular Follow Me print environment being based on a server with a dedicated application. Print job release requires authentication by the user. LK-114 is provided as i-Option and is required for all devices belonging to the Pull Printing group.


Benefits of Serverless Pull Printing

Common benefits of Pull Printing

  • Secure printing due to job release based on authentication.
  • Reduced print cost and waste, as print jobs can be deleted or settings corrected before printing.


Benefits of Serverless

No (high) IT skills/resources are required to set-up and maintain the:

  • Server
  •  Follow Me application

Costs are reduced as no server hardware and maintenance is required existing server(s) could be released from:

  • Network traffic
  • Spooling workload